Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pay Compensation for Dismissing Temps ~ Verdict on Panasonic Eco-Systems

Nagoya District Court handed down a ruling on April 28 on a lawsuit filed by two plaintiffs from Aichi Rentai (Solidarity) Union against Panasonic Eco-Systems concerning unfair dismissals. The lawsuit lasted three years. The court ruled that the company violated trust by dismissing temp workers who were working hard just because it found replacements. “The company had committed an illegal act in dismissing the plaintiffs for no reason or fault after it forged occupation and led them to hope for stable positions,” the court said. It confirmed the facts presented and ordered the defendant to pay 1 million yen and 300,000 yen to each plaintiff for compensation.
(By Aichi Rentai Union) *Photo: Solidarity action at company building, chanting demand, “Pay compensation immediately.”

 愛知連帯ユニオンの原告2名がパナソニックエコシステムズと派遣切りの不当性を争っていた3年越しの裁判の判決が、4月28日に名古屋地裁でありました。判決では、「複雑な仕事に励んでいたのに、替りが見つかるや、だまし討ち的に派遣切りを行ったのは著しく信義に反する」、「職種を偽装して安定的な就労を期待させながら、違反が明らかになるや何の落ち度もない原告らを一方的に切ったのは不法行為」等、詳しく事実認定し、原告2名それぞれに慰謝料 100万円と30万円の支払いをパナソニックエコシステムズ社に命じました。(愛知連帯ユニオン) *写真=会社前で「さっさと慰謝料払え」と行動

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