Monday, March 5, 2012

12 thousand gather for - 10 Million People’s Action to Say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants

On February 11th, Yoyogi Park in Tokyo was packed with 12 thousand participants as part of the “10 Million People’s Action to Say Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants”. The march was lead by OCHIAI Keiko, a writer and a promoters of the action, and YAMAMOTO Taro, a popular actor. When the marchers reached Omotesando, YAMAMOTO took up the microphone to lead the chanting. Young passers-by noticed the voice of the popular actor and many of them started to take photos of the star and to raise voices of support. YAMAMOTO raised his voice repeating, “Stop the nuclear plants immediately! Wake up! Stand up! No to the restart of nuclear plants! We have enough electricity! We won’t be cheated again!” Rhythmical chanting reverberated through downtown Tokyo. (Y)
Photo: OOKI Haruko


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