Friday, March 9, 2012

Show GOVT, JR Workers’ Determination—21-day Marathon, Hunger Strike End

A 21-day run and hunger strike by three unionists ended on Feb. 16. They demanded the government and Japan Railways Co that they keep jobs by their actions, while not accepting the monetary settlement.
The run and hunger strike were supported not by unions or joint struggle but by 160 individuals. They also submitted their request to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and each JR companies.
“People who didn’t know about our struggle against the National Railways even accompanied me in the run,” said NAKANO Hayato, a former NR worker, at a rally on Feb. 17. “I’d like to cherish this support network to let businesses know not to unfairly lay off workers. I will come back on the 16th of every month from Shikoku region to run again around the Diet building. This is the determination of workers.” Other workers of former National Railways spoke of their determination to continue their struggle at the rally. (By M) . Photo: Run around the Diet building (NAKANO Hayato, right) 


 JR不採用問題の終結。金銭解決だけでは納得できない。政府はJR雇用の約束を守れ」と、127日から国会マラソン・ハンストで訴えてきた3人の当事者の行動が、216日終わった。労組や共闘組織のバックもない個人主体の行動だったが、支援者など延べ160人が参加した。国交省・JR各社への要請も取り組んだ。17日の集約集会で当事者の中野勇人さん(元国労北見闘争団)は、「国鉄闘争を全く知らない人も伴走してくれた。こうした出会いをつなげていきたい。労働者のクビを切ったら大変だということを政府に知らしめたい。今後も毎月16日に、四国から夜行バスで上京して国会マラソンをやるつもりだ。これが労働者の土根性だ」と力強く訴えた。集会では、ほかに元闘争団員の佐久間忠夫・猪股正秀・松崎博巳の各氏が「闘争継続」の決意を語った。(M *写真=> 国会マラソン(右が中野勇人さん)

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