Friday, March 9, 2012

Surprise Karaoke Troupe – 5,000 Demonstrates for No Nuke in Tokyo

As Tokyo’s Suginami Ward is a birth place for petition movement for abolishment of atomic bombs, it was the perfect place for a demonstration against nuclear energy. On Feb. 19, a demonstration led by “Shiroto-no-ran (Amateur Revolt)” featured folk dance, kids, drums and mellow people. Some 5,000 of young and not so young people joined the walk. Out of all the people, however, the most surprising feature of this demonstration was the Karaoke troupe.
The truck loaded with a Karaoke machine would have anyone who wanted to sing. Protesters proudly demonstrated their talent with their original “anti-nuke” songs one after another. Unlike tense demonstrations last year, it had many participants with relaxed, cheerful expressions on their faces.
That didn’t mean that they all felt it. When interviewed, each spoke of a strong determination never to allow resumption of suspended nuclear plants or wanted no more nuclear plants. People’s conviction to wish for no more nuclear power plants seemed to root deep into their minds. (By M) See photo flash news , videos (YouTube 6 min)  , Mkinpo Photo


東京の杉並は市民運動が盛んで、原水爆禁止署名運動の発祥の地でもある。ここで219日、脱原発「有象無象」デモが行われた。「素人の乱」などが呼びかけたこのデモ、隊列もフォークダンス隊・キッズ隊・ほのぼの隊・ドラム隊と何でもありの様相だ。参加者も幼児から若者、お年寄りと本当に幅広く、最終的には約5000人に膨れ上がった。中でも度肝を抜いたのが「カラオケ隊」だった。車の上にカラオケ機材一式を乗せ、参加者が自由にエントリーする方式。次々にマイクを握って自慢のノドを披露する。選曲はほとんどが「原発替え歌」になっていて、大盛り上がりだった。デモ参加者の表情はなごやかで明るく、去年のデモのような張り詰めた感じはない。しかし一人ひとりにインタビューすると「再稼働は絶対に許さない」「もう原発はごめんだ」と一様に強い言葉が返ってきた。脱原発への決意は人々の心にしっかり根づいていた。(M 写真速報動画YouTube6分)・ムキンポ写真館

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