Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Labornet Japan Annual Meeting 2012 Discuss Counter-Hashimoto Strategies

General Annual Meeting of Labornet Japan for 2012 was held on March 3 in central Tokyo. Some 40 members attended.
In the discussion on the policy and programs for the coming year, some attendees reported severe circumstances of their work places. "In the wake of aggressive administrative reforms pursed under previous administrations, particularly those by prime ministers Nakasone and Koizumi, workers have practically been deprived of many rights. What remains are only those that were already granted in the 19th century." "The trade union is completely subordinate to the management," they said.
Active discussion centered around Osaka Mayor, HASHIMOTO Toru, the icon of neo-liberalism that is gaining stronghold in Japan. Many apprehended that policies of local governments led by neo-liberalist politicians such as Hashimoto and Tokyo Governor ISHIHARA Shintaro would exacerbate difficulties for the labor and regarded the struggle against them as the greatest challenge for this year. They debated enthusiastically on how to prevent farther weakening of the weak under neo-liberalistic policies or how to raise awareness among those who are indifferent about the recent development.  
After the discussion, Dr. AN Juyoung, an associate professor of Kyoto University, gave a lecture on the politics and labor movement in South Korea. He named energetic activities of young people, joint actions by labor groups and citizens' groups and effective use of internet as major driving forces that led to the election of a civic activist PARK Wonsoon who was pledging on improved social welfare as the mayor of Seoul in October 2011. The attendees were greatly inspired by the analysis of the vigorous civil movement of the neighboring country. (By M) 
 Ustream Video of Dr. An's lecture  * Photo: Dr. AN Juyoung, right, with Mr. KAWAZOE Makoto, Labornet Japan Co-Rep.

ハシモトにどう対抗していくか~「レイバーネット日本 2012総会」開催される

33日午後、「レイバーネット日本 2012総会」が東京・水道橋の「スペースたんぽぽ」で開催された。参加者は約40名。 今後の運動をめぐっての議論では、「中曽根・小泉行革で職場は無権利状態になり19世紀に戻った」「組合が何もやらず会社と一体化している」など労働現場の厳しい状況が出された。 今後それに輪をかけていく「ハシモト」は今年の最大のテーマ。石原・橋下など「弱肉強食・新自由主義」の台頭に、どう対抗していったらいいのか、危機感のない人たちにどう伝えたらいいのか、など活発に議論された。

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