Monday, March 5, 2012

National Summit to Protect Lives from Radiation attended by 400 people from 50 groups

A National Summit to Protect Lives from Radiation was held in Fukushima City from February 11th to 12th. The meeting drew 400 people nationwide from 50 groups supporting survivors of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis. On the first day reporting meetings, section meetings and a symposium were held to clarify the experiences and challenges in connecting and supporting the evacuees from Fukushima. On the second day, consultation service was provided in two venues where support groups met and spoke with the survivors who have difficulties in relocation and recreation. Booths of the support groups were frequented by 200 people seeking consultation. “It was significant that we had this Summit near the end of the fiscal year, a time when many people seek to relocate and take time off” said the Secretary of the Summit, YOSHINO Hiroyuki. (YUMOTO Masanori)
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