Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One-man-strike at Nissan Oppama Plant

HIRATSUKA Ryoji, a member of a general workers union, Union Yokosuka, staged a 12 hour strike at Nissan Motors Oppama Plant on 16th March. Being the only union member in the plant, HIRATSUKA notified the supervisor and just walked out of the plant. But since it was the first one-man-strike at the plant, his action caused havoc; personnel management staff were observing all his actions from a distance.
The cause of the strike was the refusal of HIRATSUKA and the union to work overtime and  days off. He had taken a 3 years sick leave and had just returned to work by the order of his doctor. But the company ordered him to work overtime and on days-off to bully him. (Kojima Takeshi)
Photo: HIRATSUKA at Spring Struggle Joint Action in Kanagawa



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