Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Announcement of “Nuclear power plants ready to restart” infuriates demonstrators in front of Prime Minister’s Office

People gathered one after another in front of the Prime Ministers Office after 6 PM on April 13, 2012 to join a demonstration organized through TwitNoNukes in Twitter. The overwhelming majority of the 1,600 demonstrators were youths. Placards saying, Absolutely No to Restart of Oi Nuclear Power Plants, filled the space in front of the office. Many of the demonstrators expressed their views, including those who traveled approximately 500 kilometers (300 miles) from Kyoto, women who were unlikely to join this kind of demonstration, and those who participated in it for the first time. Their remarks were full of anger, saying, Why restart despite the devastation caused by the Fukushima disaster? Their anger reached boiling point when they heard the organizer say, It has been confirmed by the government that the nuclear power plants are ready to restart. Shame on you! Stop joking! The chanting of the 1600 demonstrators resounded around the Prime Minister' s Office. (M)


4 13日午後6時から、首相官邸前には続々と人々が集まってきた。「TwitNoNukes(ツイッター有志による反原発デモ)」が呼びかけた抗議アクションだ。若者が圧倒的に多い。「大飯原発の再稼働に断固反対」のプラカードが官邸前を埋め尽くしていった。集会はオープンマイク方式で、次々に参加者が マイクを握って思いをぶつけた。京都から来た人、「ふつうのおばさん」という人、こうした行動は初めてという人。「福島であれだけの事故を起こしてなぜ再 稼働なのか」、心の底からの怒りの発言が続いた。午後8時ごろ、司会者から「再稼働妥当を決定」の速報が伝えられると、それまでの怒りは頂点に達した。 「何考えてんだ!」「恥さらし!」「ふざけるな!」。怒号とヤジが止まらない。1600人に膨れあがった参加者の怒りが地響きになって広がった。(M

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