Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, listen to criticisms

HASHIMOTO Toru, the mayor of Osaka City who behaves as a dictator, should read the following articles carefully.
1.      Letter of AKAGAWA Jiro, writer, to Asahi Shimbun dated April 12, 2012 (photo).Its title is Mayor Hashimoto, do not coerce your views. Akagawa strongly criticizes Hashimotos encouragement of informing whether teachers are really moving their mouths to sing Kimigayo, Japans national anthem as dictatorship..
2.      Article in a flier written by YAMADA Hajime, a schoolteacher in Osaka
Yamada was reprimanded for not standing during kimigayo playing and was urged to convert at a disciplinary training session. He refused to sign an oath, I follow an order to sing the national anthem at graduation and entrance ceremonies from now on. As a result, his reemployment as a teacher, once confirmed, was revoked. Virtually, he was fired. He expressed his feelings in a flier that was handed to his colleagues at his resignation ceremony.


独裁路線をつっぱしる橋下大阪市長に、じっくり読んでほしい文章が次々に発表されている。ひとつは、412日朝日新聞「声」欄の作家・赤川次郎氏の投書 (写真)である。「橋下氏、価値観押しつけるな」のタイトルで、教員に対する「君が代」斉唱時の口元チェックを「密告の奨励」は独裁政治につきものと痛烈 に批判している。もう一つは、3月の卒業式の「君が代不起立」で戒告処分を受け、研修で「転向」を迫られた大阪の教員・山田肇さんの文章だ。山田さんは 「今後、卒業式、入学式の国歌斉唱の職務命令に従う」という誓約書に署名・捺印しなかった。そのため合格が決まっていた「再任用」を取り消された。事実上 の「クビ」である。山田さんは離任式で教職員にビラで、屈服できなかった思いをつづった。

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