Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Osaka school workers on strike! No to union bullying by HASHIMOTO

8 part-time teachers and workers affiliated to the Osaka Educational Amalgamated Union launched a one-day strike on 16th March to protest the Kimigayo Coercion Ordinance and the Education Administration Basic Ordinance, imposed by Osaka City Mayor, HASHIMOTO Toru and his ruling party, the Osaka Restoration Association.There is really no freedom of speech in public schools in Osaka. This strike is only the beginning. We will fight on, said one of the strikers, HIRANO Yoshio, an educational assistant. 7 union federations, including the Osaka Union Federation, Zenrokyo Osaka and Union Network Osaka protested the anti-union policies of Mayor HASHIMOTO by jointly submitting a petition urging the withdrawal of the Education Administration Basic Ordinance.
(KIMURA Jo, Labornet Japan  Kansai reporter)

ハシモトくん 労働組合なめんなよ!~大阪教育合同労組がストライキ


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