Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tokyo teacher refuses to stand for national anthem Kimigayo: “There should be no coercion in schools”

Commencement  was held on March 22nd at Akiruno Gakuen, a special-needs school for disabled children. The Kimigayo Coercion Ordinance came into effect in Osaka last year, but in Tokyo teachers have been required to sing the National Anthem since 2003. At that time, more than one thousand teachers resisted by not standing up for the anthem,  but recently the number has decreased to one digit. This year TANAKA Satoshi, a teacher at Akiruno Gakuen, refused to stand for the second time; the first time was at the enrollment ceremony last April. Another well-known teacher resisting the coercion of Kimigayo, NEZU Kimiko, used to work at the same school.I was the only one in Tokyo Metropolitan schools to refuse to stand in the last years enrollment ceremony. I must continue the struggle in solidarity with teachers in Osaka who are fighting under pressure. I also want to tell the children that there should be no coercion in schools, commented TANAKA.  (SASAKI Yumiko)
Photo: TANAKA with NEZU Kimiko on his left.


動画(2分・田中インタビュー) 写真=不起立をした田中さん(左)と激励に駆けつけた根津公子さん(右)

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