Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anger and Prayer: Fukushima Women Conduct a Die-in

"Don't restart the operation of Oi Nuclear Power Plant, " read the letter to the Prime Minister that women from Fukushima handed to officials of Cabinet Office in the afternoon of June 7. Several hundred citizens gathered in front of Prime Minister's Official Residence on the day in response to the call for protest action by Fukushima Women against Nukes.
Nearly 15 months after the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, people of Fukushima still face enormous difficulties: Under the regulations that set 20mSv/year as the safety limit of exposure to radiation, those remain in their home towns live with a constant fear for health damages anticipated in the future and others who fled to safer places are separated from their families. The letter highlighted the continuing tragedy in Fukushima and strongly denounced the government of Prime Minister NODA Yoshihiko that had declared the settlement of the nuclear disaster before the cause of which had been determined and been heading toward exports of nuclear reactors and restart of nuclear power plants in Japan. Upon the delivery of the letter, 13 representatives of the protesters demanded a prompt reply from the government.
After debriefing for other protesters, women from Fukushima conducted a die-in for 10 minutes (photo) , accompanied by solemn music of cello. The action was concluded with Kansho Odori, a folk dance of Aizu Region of Fukushima that expresses people's anger and gratitude to the gifts of the earth. Participants danced together sharing anger with the imminent restart of nuclear reactors and prayer for the peaceful nuclear-free world. (by NISHINAKA Seiichiro)


「大 飯原発の再稼働をしないで下さい」。67日午後、「原発いらない福島の女たち」が呼びかけ、首相官邸前に数百人が集まり、代表13名が野田首相宛の要望 書を内閣府に手渡した。福島原発事故から1年以上が経過した現在も、福島県内では年間被曝線量20mSv基準が押し付けられ、将来の健康被害に怯えなが ら、県内外で家族離散の避難生活を続けざるを得ない厳しい現状や、事故原因すら判明しないにも関わらず、事故収束宣言したり、原発輸出や再稼働を推し進め ようとする野田政権の責任を厳しく追及し、要望書への早急な回答を求めた。首相官邸前で待っていた人々への報告後、チェロの荘厳な音楽が奏でられる中、 10分間の「ダイイン」(写真)が行われた。行動の最後に、会津地方の民衆の怒りと大地の恵みに感謝する「かんしょ踊り」を参加者全員で踊り、原発再稼働 反対の怒りと、原発のない平和な人類社会への祈りが首相官邸前に満ちあふれた。(西中誠一郎) 

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