Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welfare is a Right, not a Benefit: Anti-Poverty Campaign Network Hold a Press Conference


Though it is commonly regarded as a benefit extended by the government, the livelihood subsidy is based on the right to live. Receiving welfare money should therefore be understood as a right, not a benefit," said Lawyer UTSUNOMIYA Kenji (center in the photo), the representative of the Anti-Poverty Campaign Network, in a press conference on June 11. The organization called the press conference to brief on the statement regarding recent moves by the government toward welfare revision. It was held in the press club of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. 
The review results of "Urgent Telephone Consultation on Welfare," conducted on June 9, was also presented in the venue. 363 calls were answered via a total of 16 phone lines prepared in 6 locations nationwide.
"Almost all callers said that they would rather die," said GOKAN Kazuhiro of the Network for Comprehensive Consultation Service for Homeless People. He reported that cruel words by politicians had hurt recipients of livelihood subsidy and made an increased number of them feel suicidal. (by MATSUMOTO Chie)



生活保護は国家の恩恵と受け取られやすいが、生存権に基づく制度であり、恩恵でなく権利として受けられる制度である――反貧困ネットワーク代表の宇都宮健児 弁護士(写真中央)は、611日の記者会見で発言した。この会見は、この間の生活保護制度を改悪するような動きに対して同団体が声明を発表したことか ら、厚生労働省の記者クラブで行われた。会場では、9日に行われた「生活保護緊急相談ダイヤル」からの結果報告もあった。全国6会場に設置された16回線 には合計で363件の相談が寄せられた。ホームレス総合相談ネットワークの後閑一博氏は「受話器を取るたびに『もう死んでしまいたい』という言葉が発せら れるような電話相談だった」と語り、政治家の不用意な発言から「つらい」「死んでしまいたい」と思っている人が増えていると報告した。(松元ちえ)

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