Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diagnosed with depression due to power harassment at work—excerpts from Labor hotline in March 1

"Are you suffering any bullying or harassment at work?"

 1. I work in manufacturing. I was diagnosed with depression after being subjected to repeated power harassment from my boss, who threw a telephone at me and became violent physically and verbally. I was also unfairly transferred to a different section within the company.
2. My boss hounded me with questions that can be considered invasion of privacy. I refused to answer anything about my boyfriend, and the boss suddenly changed his attitude and began ignoring me and bullying me. Sooner or later, my colleagues stopped talking to me too.
3. My boss forces me to do things completely unreasonable. He says he is the next president and so I should obey his orders. He would get me out of bed in the middle of the night to accompany him to a bar.
4. I work at a company enlisted in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The number of harassment cases has been increasing at the company with 100 workers. Even union members and management officials join in on this trend.
5. My boss harasses me at work. I started to experience stomach pain and insomnia, and recently I started thinking about suicide.
6. My boss makes fun of me by saying that Im not educated. Even when I go to work on holidays, he shows no appreciation. (NPO Rodo-sodan Center; Labor Hotline)

1 メーカー。職場で上司から卓上の電話機を投げつけられるなどの暴行や罵声による度重なるパラハラや不当な異動が重なり、うつ病になる。 
2、上司が、私 のプ ライバシーを根ほり葉ほり聞いてきた。彼氏の事など答えないでいたら、態度を豹変させ、いじめや無視を始めだした。そのうちに同僚全体も口を聞いてくれなくなった。 
3、上司が「俺は次期社長だから、俺の言う事を聞いておけばいいんだよ」と次つぎと理不尽な要求を強いてくる。夜中でもたたき起こされ飲み に連れて行かれる。
 6、上司は、「お前は学歴がない」と度々罵声をあ げ馬鹿にしてくる。それでいてこちらが休日出勤しても御苦労さんの一言もない。(NPO法人 労働相談センター)

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