Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apologize and Compensate for Forced Labor ! : Protest Action Take Place in front of Fujikoshi Tokyo HQ


 Korean women who were forcefully brought to Japan during the colonial period and worked for Fujikoshi staged a protest action with their supporters on June 8 in Shiodome area, a business district in Tokyo. The action took place for two hours in the early afternoon in front of the building where the company's main office in Tokyo is located.  About ten of some 60 protesters were those visiting from Korea. Among them were plaintiffs of the Second Fujikoshi Forced Mobilization and Labor Lawsuits and their families, the representative of Citizen's Group to Support Surviving Halmoni of Japanese Labor Corps based in Kwangju, a documentary filmmaker and a reporter of the Hankyoreh, a Korean daily newpaper. Participants from Japan were members of various unions and citizens' groups including Hokuriku Committee to Support the Second Fujikoshi Forced Mobilization and Labor Lawsuits, National Network for Lawsuits against Companies Involved in Forced Labor, Supporters of Plaintiffs of the Korean Female Labor Corp Case against Nagoya Mitsubishi, Kanagawa City Union and Kansai Cement Branch of Rentai Union.
In the rally, the victims of the forced labor, Kim Jeong-ju, Choe Hui-sun and Kim Gye-sun (photo) spoke of mortification, followed by chants of anger denouncing Fujikoshi by all the participants. (by SATO Kazuyuki)


68日正午から2時まで、汐留住友ビル前において、不二越東京本社抗議行動が展開されました。 韓国から来日したのは、第2次不二越強制連行・強制労働訴訟 原告団とその家族、光州市で活動する「勤労挺身隊ハルモニと共にする市民の会」代表、ドキュメンタリー映像作家、ハンギョレ新聞の記者など約10名。日本 側は、同訴訟を支援する北陸連絡会、強制連行・企業責任追及裁判全国ネットワーク、名古屋三菱・朝鮮女子勤労挺身隊訴訟を支援する会、神奈川シティユニオ ン、連帯ユニオン関西生コン支部などから、約50名が結集しました。社前集会で、当該の金正珠さん・崔姫順さん・金啓順さん(写真)は悔しさを訴え、参加 者全員で怒りのシュプレヒコールを不二越に叩きつけました。(佐藤和之) 

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