Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decontamination Workers Disclose Reduced Wages and Terrible Working Environments - Feb. 15 Workers' Rally in Solidarity with Fukushima

"Four of us were packed into one room of 8 tatami-mat size. Food was poor. We had to prepare masks by ourselves. In addition, we did not receive any hazard allowances that the national government must have paid to the original contractors," said two ex-decontamination workers who worked within the evacuation zone of Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant in their report in the February 15 Workers' Rally in Solidarity with Fukushima that was held in central Tokyo with 480 participants.
Major construction firms get orders of decontamination projects, which are subcontracted to smaller companies and then to secondary subcontractors. "The project we worked in was the one gained by a big construction firm located in Tokyo and subcontracted to OZE Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of TEPCO. It is absolutely unacceptable for a TEPCO subsidiary to earn from decontamination projects: it is like a doctor intentionally fails to treat patients in order to provide businesses for funeral home owned by himself," said the ex-decontamination workers angrily. They are members of National Union of General Workers Fukushima Solidarity and fighting for hazard allowances and other requirements that make their life and work decent.
In the rally, KAMATA Satoshi, a reportage writer and leading anti-nuclear activist, gave a lecture and IGARASHI Shiro, the representative of Fukushima Prefecture Peace Forum, made an appeal as a resident of Fukushima Prefecture. (By M)
 Ustream Video by Labornet TV (without subtitles) 

 「8畳の部屋に4人。粗末な食事。マスクは自腹。そして国から出ているはずの危険手当は払われていなかった」。 2月15日、東京・日本教育会館ホールで開かれた「福島とつながる2.15労働者集会」(480人参加)で、福島第一原発「警戒区域」で除染作業に携わった2人の労働者が、劣悪な職場実態を語った。除染事業は大手ゼネコンが受注し、下請け・孫請けに流す多重請負構造になっている。「我々の仕事の元請けは赤坂に本社があるゼネコンだった。二次下請けは、東電100%子会社の尾瀬林業だがこれだけは許せない。医者と葬儀屋が一緒にやっているようなものではないか」と怒りをこめた。かれらは「全国一般ふくしま連帯労組」に加入。危険手当支払いを始め「人間らしい生活と労働」を求めてたたかっている。また集会では、ルポライター鎌田慧さんの講演、五十嵐史郎さん(福島県平和フォーラム代表)の「福島からの訴え」があった。(M)

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