Saturday, February 23, 2013

Japanese citizens counteract against ultra-nationalist's anti-Korea protest

Ever since the South Korean president visited the long-disputed Takeshima, or Dokdo, Islands last summer, protests by ultra-nationalist groups against special privilege of Zainichi (long-term Korean residents of Japan) have been escalating in Japan.
As the groups continued to stage hostile protests in the Korea Town of Tokyo, some Japanese expressed their opinions on the sidewalks in favor of maintaining amicable relationships with Korea and Korean people.

日の丸を林立させて、「竹島から韓国をたたき出せ!」「ソウ ルを焼け野原にしろ!」などとぶっそうなシュプレヒコールを上げる在特会系のデモ隊に対して、多数の市民が「反韓デモに対する意思表示」をする。新大久保のコリア・タウンで。

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