Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Struggle Was Rewarding! - Canon Case Plaintiffs Share Joy with Supporters

On Feb. 3, a rally to report back on the victorious settlement in the case over disguised contracting by Canon Co. Was held in Tokyo. A total of about 160 former plaintiffs, members of Canon Non-Regular Workers Union and supporters gathered to refresh the joy that the settlement reached on December 20 last year brought to them.  "On Oct. 17, 2006, I sent a letter to Canon. 'In order to concentrate on work and keep producing excellent products, I want to be free from anxiety over my employment status. Please make me a regular employee.' That was all I wanted then. I joined forces with colleagues who had the same problem as mine. We went to the Diet to request lawmakers for help. But Canon completely refused to talk with us. They forced us to choose between an exceptional offer of retirement allowance or lay-off. Many of the colleagues took the money and left. Then I filed a suit in June 2009. I was already in a situation where I was working day and night to earn living. Three years have passed since then. I did not take good care of myself and got cancer. But now I'm almost cured after two operations and chemotherapy. Due to the illness, I was fired by a transport company soon after I started working there. I don't have a job now,but  I am proud of the struggles I survived and hope for my future," said ONO Hideyuki, one of the former plaintiffs. (By SATO Kazuyuki) 
Photo: Ex-plaintiffs cutting 4 cakes on which the word victorious settlementis written
たたかってよかっ た!~喜びを分かちあった「キャノン争議勝利報告集会」
2月3日、エデュカス東京 で「キャノン偽装請負争議 勝利和解報告集会」が開催された。約160名が集まり、喜びを分かち合った。 当該の大野秀之さんは語る。「2006年10月17日、私はキャノンに対して手紙を出しました。『安心して働 き、いい製品を作りたい、そのために正社員にして欲しい』、願いはたったこれだけでした。また、同じ 苦しみを持つ仲間たちと連携し、想いを伝えるために国会にも行きました。しかし、キャノンはかたくな に門を閉ざしてしまいました。そして、休業か特別退職金という形で、仲間達と引き裂きかれた後の2009 年6月にキャノンを提訴しました。この時すでに、生活を支えるために昼夜を問わず働く、そんな生活になっていました。それから3年、体調不良を軽く見てしまい、がんを患ってしまいましたが、二度の手術を重 ね、抗癌剤治療をし、現在はほぼ完治と言える状態まで回復しました。病気が見つかったため、入社した ばかりの運送会社を解雇されてしまったため現在は無職ですが、闘った日々に胸をはって未来に希望をもって生きていきたいと思います」(佐藤和之)

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