Saturday, February 23, 2013

Voice of Fukushima of the Tentcolor Program, Feb. 15: "I Want No One to Have the Same Sad Experience as Mine."

The 21st program of Tentcolor, the ustreaming program by the Occupy tent in front of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry webcast every Friday since September last year, was aired on Feb. 15, featuring WATANABE Miyoko from Tamura City in the Voice of Fukushima segment. Watanabe, a native of a district of the city about 25 km away from the nuclear power plant, evacuated from her hometown with her grandchildren soon after the disaster and is now renting a house in another district in the same city that is more than 40 km away from the nuke plant. "So many sad things have happened and nobody around me can smile any longer. I've learnt to persevere, but still desire that my hometown and people's lives there will be restored as soon as possible. If it is impossible, I still hope that we be the last ones to experience such a tragedy: I want all the nuclear power plants to be stopped. I don't want the world to be full of sad people like us; that would be the end of the earth. I love the earth seen from the universe that shines blue and I love the people living on this planet. People in the world should help with one another instead of fighting. I want them to stop destroying the mother earth," she said live in the program.
 (By M)   *Photo: WATANABE Miyoko (center)
The archive video (Tentcolor No.21, 56 min., Voice of Fukushima starts at 02:00.)


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