Wednesday, January 21, 2015

170 join an urgent action against the MOD to protest oppression of anti-US base demonstrators

The action was held in front of the Ministry of Defense on January 13, 2015 in central Tokyo in protest against the forced eviction of local demonstrators at the Henoko district, Okinawa, who were trying to stop the delivery of materials for the construction of a US military base. Some of the demonstrators were even arrested. Despite the short notice, 170 joined the protest action against the MOD and requested it to stop the construction. At the subsequent rally, there was a report on the police brutality, followed by appeals from an Okinawan and a young man who participated in the protest at Henoko. YAMASHIRO Hiroji, a local activist, reported how tense the situation was there over the phone. These activities were a very good opportunity for Okinawan people to express their determination to overcome, and to strengthen solidarity with people in Tokyo. (Shinya)



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