Thursday, January 8, 2015

Guest from HK speaks at the anti-nukes tent

On December 19th, a protest action against the sudden closure of the case on the anti-nukes occupy tents in front of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was held in front of the Tokyo District Court and the METI. One hundred people including women from Fukushima participated in the action. FUCHIGAMI Taro, the representative of the Tent, raised his voice at METI, “The government is trying to tear down the anti-nukes occupy tents, before settling the Fukushima disaster. That’s nothing but trampling down the voices of the people”. The next speaker was a guest invited from Hong Kong for the Labor Festa, Tam Leung-ying. He said, “The Occupy movement is still continuing in the Central Area, though the number of participants has decreased. There used to be a big anti-nukes movement to stop the start of a nuclear plant in Hong Kong, but it’s operating now. Recently, there was a cover up of an accident and this has been exposed”. He then introduced Hong Kong chanting, “Hope is in the People! Change starts for Struggle” (T)
Photo (Tam Leung-ying second from the right)



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