Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bill for “bloated police” to be submitted to the Diet: Don’t allow the expansion of wiretapping and the introduction of plea bargaining based on anonymous tips!

Japan’s major party coalition, consisting of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito representing a Buddhist sect Soka Gakkai, fraudulently won 326 seats in the lower house election held in December 2014, more than two thirds of all the seats. The election was called for by the Abe Administration, which is far-right, with an empty promise of “Abenomics” and in view of low voter turnout. The administration is forcibly going to construct a controversial new base at the Henoko district in Okinawa, restart the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kyushu despite a strong protest, and legislate to enable the right to collective self-defense. In addition, the administration and the Ministry of Justice aim at enacting laws to expand wiretapping and introduce plea bargaining based on anonymous tips in the coming Diet session. Last September, the Legislative Council of the ministry inquired the Justice Minister about the revision in laws for recording police investigations, expanding and streamlining wiretapping, and introducing plea bargaining. The Special Committee of the council was established in May 2011 following evidence tampering by the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office as a result of an inquiry about “visualization of interrogation”, which was made under the administration of the Democratic Party of Japan. (YAMAGUCHI Masanori)

* Cartoon: <> Ichihanahana



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