Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Sri Lankan dies in immigration bureau~discrimination against foreigners deep-rooted in the immigration authorities

A Sri Lankan man landing in Japan on Nov. 12 was denied entry at Haneda Airport and died in the Tokyo Immigration Office where he was transferred to 10 days later.
 His nephew and a support group Provisional Release Association in Japan held a press conference at a press club on Dec. 1 regarding the death of Niculas Ferdinand (56, photo).

 Ferdinand, who managed a travel agency in Sri Lanka, visited Japan to meet his relative on a tourist visa but was denied entry because he had so little cash and did not have a hotel reservation. He was detained at Haneda Airport until the 17th and ordered to leave Japan.
 Because he appealed the decision, he was transferred to Tokyo Immigration Bureau and the process of forced deportation was filed.
(NAKANISHI Seiichiro) 
Photo: a press conference on Dec. 1

 11 月12日に来日したスリランカ人男性が羽田空港で上陸拒否され、移送先の東京入国管理局(東京都品川区)で22日に死亡した。この件につき男性の親族(男 性の甥)と外国人支援団体「仮放免者の会」が、12月1日司法記者クラブで記者会見を行った。死亡したのはニクルス•フェルナンドさん(57歳・写真)。 スリランカで旅行会社を経営し、親族に会うために観光ビザで来日したが、所持金が少なくホテル予約がないことから上陸を拒否され、17日まで羽田空港に留 め置かれ退去命令が出された。ニクルスさんはこれを不服としたため17日に身柄を東京入管に移送され退去強制手続きが開始された。(西中誠一郎)  

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