Sunday, January 7, 2018

Libelous article by the Weekly Bunshun aims to discredit militant union

Since December 2016, workers at MK Transport Co. in Yamatokoriyama City in Nara Prefecture have been on strike. The strike is organized by the MK Transport Division of the Zennikken Solidarity Union. Drivers are demanding the reduction of the long working hours of 300 hours per month and the resolution of the case of the union division leader, who was assaulted a year ago. Support for the strike has spread in the community and local residents have delivered a petition to the police for the quick arrest of the perpetrator.
 On December 27th, a major magazine “Weekly Bushun” ran a libelous article about the strike in its new year edition. The article does not convey the facts and significance of the labor struggle, but only gives a one-sided account of the events, depicting one supervisor as a victim of a “gangster-like verbal attack from the union members”. This article is fake news intended to discredit the Zennikken Solidarity Union. The Union immediately responded with a protest letter to the Weekly Bushun. (Zennikken Solidarity Union)  
Photo: Social Democratic Party Diet member's fact finding visit at MK Transport



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