Monday, January 22, 2018

Shame on the Saitama Prefectural Assembly and the LDP! – Protest against the assembly

On January 10, 2018, not only residents in Saitama Prefecture but also people from some other prefectures joined the “Action against the adoption of the Statement to promote the restart of nuclear power plants”. A press conference was held at the news reporters’ club of the Saitama Prefectural Office after the protest. HEBIISHI Ikuko, a member of the Koriyama City Assembly, Fukushima Prefecture, said, “I want each member of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly who supported the adoption to come to Fukushima Prefecture and explain the reasons why they supported it to the people in Fukushima”. KOWATA Masumi, a member of the Okuma Town Assembly, Fukushima Prefecture, said, “Our local people are very angry with the statement adopted in Saitama where people used electricity generated in Fukushima. We demand Saitama Prefecture accept the final nuclear waste disposal site”. TAKEMOTO Kazuyuki, a member of the group to protect Kariwa Village against the nuclear power plant, said, “The Tokyo Electric Power Company does anything and even tells a lie to restart its nuclear power plant. However, anti-nuke candidates won successively in the elections in Niigata Prefecture in the recent three years. The current governor of the prefecture is verifying the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. What the Saitama Prefectural Assembly did against the consensus of the people in Niigata is never acceptable. (Johnny H) 
  * Photo: Shinya


110() 埼玉県議会による「原発再稼動推進意見書採択に対する抗議文提出行動」には、埼玉県民ばかりでなく福島県民・新潟県民・茨城県民も集会・デモ・記者会見に参加して、怒りを訴えた。埼玉県庁県政記者クラブで行われた記者会見で、福島県郡山市議会議員の蛇石郁子さんは「採択に賛成した埼玉県議会議員はひとりひとり福島県に来た上で、なぜ採択してしまったかを福島県民が聴く場を設けてほしい」。福島県大熊町議会議員の木幡ますみさんは「大熊町の地元では『関東はおれらの所で作った電気を使ったのにこの意見書は酷い。最終処分場は埼玉県で引き取れ』と怒っている」と訴えた。また武本和幸さん(原発反対刈羽村を守る会)は「東京電力は原発を動かすためには何でもする。嘘をつく。しかし、この3年間、新潟では知事選挙も参議院議員選挙も柏崎刈羽原発再稼動反対派が勝った。そして知事は福島の原発事故の検証に取り組んでいる。そういった新潟県民の総意に対する埼玉県議会のリアクションは許せない」と語った。(ジョニーH  *写真撮影=shinya

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