Sunday, January 7, 2018

No against the deployment of Aegis a Shore

On December 19th, the Japanese government decided to deploy a new ballistic missile defense system called "Aegis a Shore". Together with the deployment of cruise missiles to attack enemy bases, the decision is the final step in the destruction of Japan’s peace constitution. SUGIHARA Kouji, of the NGO, Network Against Japan Arms Trade, organized a protest action in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. Only two mass media outlets covered the action attended by 20 people. Sugihara criticized the government’s decision saying, “The two Aegis a Shore systems cost 200 billion Yen, whereas the government is planning to reduce welfare benefits by 16 billion Yen in three years. The import of this useless weapon only benefits the US armament industry. This military expansion only increases the military tension and sacrifices the poor. The response from the mass media to this important move is minimal We have to stop every step in the destruction of our Constitution.” (M)



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