Monday, January 22, 2018

“We have nothing to do with you” – temp worker's struggle for reinstatement

WATANABE Teruko, who was refused to renew her three month employment contract at the end of last year, came to her former workplace, JGI, Inc., on January 4, 2018 in central Tokyo. Watanabe has joined the Haken Union and started her protest against the dismissal to avoid regularizing her employment. She has negotiated with the staffing company “Persol Tempstaff” twice, but the company has not given any satisfactory explanation to her, only saying, “Your position was lost due to the tighter budget of the client company”. On January 4, Watanabe and SEKINE Shuichiro, the secretary general of the Haken Union, arrived at the reception of JGI, but their request for an interview was rejected with a very rude reaction from the general manager of the administration. The manager named I even told them, “The contract with the staffing company has been over, so we have nothing to do with you any longer. If you still continue to approach us, we have to call the police”. This reaction made Watanabe very angry, and she asked the manager, “I was working at your office every day for 17 years. Do you still say that you have nothing to do with me?” The manager simply hanged up the phone. (LaborNet News Team)


昨年末にクビを切られた渡辺照子さんは、新年の仕事始めの14日、東京・茗荷谷にある派遣先の「地球科学総合研究所」に出社した。渡辺さんは派遣ユニオンに加入し、「無期転換逃れの一方的雇止めは許さない」と行動を開始していた。すでに派遣元会社の「パーソルテンプスタッフ」と2回話し合いをもったが、「雇止めの理由は予算上の関係で仕事がなくなった」というだけで納得できる説明はなかった。「地球科学総合研究所」は、地下鉄茗荷谷駅から数分のところ。この日は派遣ユニオンの関根書記長が同行し、午前9時すぎ一緒にビルの中に入った。渡辺さんは、会社の受付から内線で面会を申し入れたが、I総務部長の対応はひどかった。面会は拒否した上に電話越しにこう言い放った。「派遣会社との契約が切れたのであなたとは関係ない。これ以上アプローチすると契約上のトラブルということで警察を呼ぶことになる」と。渡辺さんの顔がひきつってきた。「17年も毎日毎日働いてきたのです。それでも何も関係がないんですか?」と問いかけるとガチャンと電話を切られた。(レイバーネット報道部) 全文

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