Sunday, January 7, 2018

Workers’ festival for the oppressed, Labor Festa

Labor Festa 2017 was held on December 16th in Tokyo with 210 participants. The festival started with the Korean movie “Attorney”, which depicts the young days of former-president Roh Moo-hyon. The movie received enthusiastic comments: “a shocking movie”, “I want to learn more about the human rights movement in South Korea”, and “I was reminded of the present political situation in Japan”
The new feature for this year was the “Japan Now” corner, where three main issues of the day were addressed in short videos with a brief presentation from the stage. 19 people contributed their works, to the popular three minutes movie corner, out of which 4 were awarded. A labor NGO activist from Hong Kong came up to the stage at the end to share her reaction, “I was really inspired. I learned that workers around the world are in a similar situation, fighting together.” (M)
Photo: Dismissed Japan Airline Workers



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