Sunday, December 28, 2008

Amusing and Inspiring - Labor Festa OSAKA

The annual Labor Festa OSAKA took place on December 14 in the south wing of L-Osaka (Osaka Prefecture Labor Center). This arena of cultural expressions attracted 140 participants with a cinema "Floating Crab Cannery" and rakugo talks as well as "three-minute video clips" featuring labor-related or other social issues. Among those three-minute video clips, 14 were entries by residents of the Kansai district, including excellent entries expressing an essence of labor and life from applicants who joined the short video screening for the first time this year such as "Portraits of the Family 2008" on life of a couple and their child and "My Struggle Back to the Classroom" summarizing the participant's four-year long struggle against dismissal as punishment. Fifty-eight responses were turned in for the questionnaire, many of which gave free comments such as "It has made me feel confident that even I could make a three-minute video clip as good as any of those I saw at the Kansai festa" (Wow!) and "Next year, I would like to attend the video production seminar." The Labor Festa was amusing and inspiring while helping us to develop our thoughts. (Osahito KOYAMA)



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