Thursday, December 11, 2008

Behind Coercion of “Kimigayo” ~ Evening with Film “I Will Not Give Up,” Lecture

On Nov. 26, about 200 people gathered at Tokyo’s Nakano Zero Hall to see a documentary, “I Will Not Give Up – Resistance to Stand for Kimigayo National Anthem,” and hear political scientist, Osamu Watanabe, speak for an hour on neo-liberalistic educational reform, which, he sees, lies behind the government’s coercion to stand up for Kimigayo. “What the financial sector wants is to change schools into places where they raise elites and obedient workers necessary for corporations by brining market fundamentalism. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara suppressed teachers’ resistance force by holding teachers’ conferences only for formality, and enforcing teachers to stand up for the national anthem because he needed to control them for his reforms,” Watanabe said. In order to protest, we must “begin reconstructing unions and bring together comrades.” Watanabe’s lecture was thought-provoking for the future struggle. (M)



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