Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tokyo East Union under National Union of General Workers Holds Collective Bargaining with THE JAPAN GENERAL ESTATE on Withdrawn Employment Offers

Concerning the withdrawal of 53 employment offers by THE JAPAN GENERAL ESTATE, we at the NUGW Tokyo East Union held collective bargaining with the company in Tokyo. At the beginning of the meeting, representatives of the company bowed their head in apology, saying "We are sorry that we have caused trouble for you by withdrawing employment offers." To this, we responded, "Why is President Makoto NISHIMARU absent?" and "The company should appologize at a press conference." The company representatives had offered financial compensation of \420,000 per person (two-month salaries on a basis of the initial basic monthly wage of \210,000). However, after the students concerned joined the union and took action including a press conference, they raised the sum to one million yen. (SUDA at Tokyo Tobu Union) (Refer to the related blog.) Photo: Meeting before the collective bargaining


日本綜合地所が53人の採用内定を取り消した問題で、私たち全国一般東京東部労組は12月9日、会社との団体交渉を都内の会議室で開催しました。交渉の冒頭で会社側の出席者は立ち上がって「内定取り消しでご迷惑をおかけしたことをお詫びいたします」と頭を下げました。これに対して、私たちは「西丸誠社長がなぜ出席していないのか」「マスコミを前に謝罪するべきだ」と追及しました。会社側は内定取り消し後、1人42万円(初任給の基本給21万円×2ヶ月)を金銭補償として学生たちに提示していましたが、学生が組合に加入し記者会見などをやった後に1人100万円に増額しました。(東部労組・須田) 詳細(当該ブログ)*写真=団交前の打合せ

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