Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dispatched Workers Are Humans, Not Items - More Than 2000 Gather at December 4 Hibiya Rally

On December 4 evening, a rally was held in the Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall, Tokyo, for drastic revision of the Worker Dispatching Law, with about 2,000 participants virtually occupying all seats. In response to a call by fifteen individuals including Satoshi KAMATA, a broad range of unionists gathered across party lines from National Union, Zenrokyo, Zenroren, Zennikken, Zenkowan, Kokuro, Doro Chiba, and small and middle-sized enterprise unions as well as political party representatives from the Democratic Party of Japan, Japan Communist Party, Social Democratic Party and the People's New Party, who extended messages. Temporary workers in the midst of struggles against ISUZU, Canon, Panasonic, tour escorts dispatching agencies and Goodwill received greatest applause when they stood on the stage, carrying a sign "Dispatched Workers Are Humans, not Items." The rally was full of enthusiasm to unite all voices that no bill for false improvement of the Worker Dispatching Law would be tolerated.



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