Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stop Dispatch of Troops, Refueling Mission! ~ 6th Rally at Diet

As deliberations are about to end at extraordinary parliamentary session on extension of Japan’s anti-terrorism special law that allows dispatch of Japanese troops and refueling mission, the 6th protest rally was held from 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at upper house parliamentarians hall on Nov. 18. Protesters from citizens’ groups and labor unions, including an organization for making good use of the Constitution for daily life and Zenrokyo (the national conference of labor unions), demanded that the parliament continue interrogation of former Air Self-Defense Force (ASDF) General Toshio Tamogami on his essay, which justified Japan’s wartime aggression, and dissolve to ask public opinion before passing the law. Members of a group to stop revision of Article 9 also carried out a sit-in protest against extension of refueling mission in the Indian Ocean and making the SDF dispatch a permanent law. (By Minoru Daichi; Photo by group to protect Article 9)

派兵給油新法延長するな! 第6波国会前集会が行われる
 臨時国会で新テロ特措法(派兵給油新法)の延長の審議が大詰めを迎えているなか、「派兵給油新法延長反対!第6波国会前集会」が、11月18日の12.30~13.30まで参議院議員会館前路上で行われた。呼びかけは「憲法を生かす会」「全労協」など市民・労働団体で、「田母神前・航空幕僚長のとんでもない論文問題をわずか一度の参考人喚問で終わらせるな。重要法案の強行をする前に国会は解散して民意を問うべき」などと訴えた。また9条改憲阻止の会の人たちも「インド洋給油延長反対! アフガン派兵反対! 自衛隊海外派兵恒久法の制定を許すな!」のスローガンの横断幕と共に、粘り強く座り込み抗議活動を続けていた。(大地実) 写真(9条改憲阻止の会)

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