Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Way to Tolerate On-the-Fly Dismissal - Workers Approach Canon Headquarters, Oita

On December 10, the Canon Chapter of Gaten-kei Rentai (Japan Construction and Transport Industry Workers Solidarity Union) visited the Canon headquarters in Oita to make request concerning the downsizing in a scale over 1100. Union Chapter President Shuhei KATO (Photo on the left, a temporary worker of an employment agency) sharply demanded a response saying, "Do you know about what is happening to us? We are told to leave the very day we get a dismissal notice and leave the dormitory on that day as well." The unionists' letter of request includes priority appointment of current sub-contracted employees as fixed-term regular employees of the company and permission for dwelling in the dormitory until new employment is found among other things. The photo on the right is General Affairs officers that would not receive the letter of request. (Tokachi TSUCHIYA)



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