Thursday, December 11, 2008

History and Beauty of Satirical Cartoons ~ MediR Workshop Opens

From Nov. 29-30, MediR held a series of seminar, “Let’s laugh off authorities! Workshop on satirical cartoon,” at Waseda University and welcomed a South Korean satirical cartoon researcher, Lee Kijin, as a lecturer. The workshop discussed a wide range of issues such as how Japanese and South Korean satirical cartoons are regarded nowadays, how Japanese artists supported war during World War II, and on the Muhammad satirical cartoon case and freedom of expression in cartoons. On the last day of the workshop, Lee taught how to draw satirical cartoons (Lee Kijin, photo right), and participants critiqued each other’s work. The workshop helped convey the beauty of satirical cartoons and reaffirmed the art as one of media with which citizens can express themselves. (By Ichihanahana)



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