Thursday, December 11, 2008

Osaka Government to Dismiss 346 Teachers on Non-Regular Contract in March

The Osaka prefectural government plans to dismiss 346 teachers on non-regular contract next spring. They assist regular, full-time teachers with home-economics and science labs at Osaka public schools, as well as making copies. They have been employed and laid off by semester, but they were proud of being a part of educational institution for years even on poor working conditions. Now, schools are about to dismiss them. A mass layoff of all of them would bring chaos to the place of education. This is not something the government should push through even if it is considered an employment reform. We ask you to watch footages of non-regular teachers who stood up for their rights (Photo taken at Danketsu Solidarity Festival), and we ask for your support in this struggle. (By Nakama Union member, Keiichi Idekubo) Non-regular teachers demand. (Video) See clips on UnionTube.

来年3月 大阪府が学校非正規職員346人を首切り!

 大阪府は、家庭科や理科の実習助手やプリント印刷を一手に引き受ける教務補助員として大阪府立学校で働いている非正規職員346人を、来年3月で一斉に解雇します。数ヶ月単位で採用と解雇を繰り返す「学期雇用」、年収105万円という劣悪な労働条件でも、教育活動の一環を担っているという誇りを持って何十年も働いて来た労働者を解雇しようというのです。全員解雇となれば教育現場の混乱は必至です。雇用政策として考えても行政がやることではありません。声を上げた非正規職員の皆さんの映像(写真・団結まつり)をぜひご覧いただき、ご支援お願いします。(なかまユニオン・井手窪啓一) 非正規職員の訴え(動画) 

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