Saturday, April 11, 2009

1700 People Gather at Anti-Poverty Festa--Discussin on 'Work' Heats Up

On March 28, Anti-Poverty Festa 2009 was held at Kanda Hitotsubashi Junior High School. Many homeless people lined up for free food, which reminded visitors of "TentCity," which drew many jobless during the New Year's holidays. About 1,700 people of a wide age range gathered at the festa. In the afternoon, a symposium was held on"Our work is threatened" (see photo). People who were laid off from their temp jobs and others who face severe labour conditions told their stories at the rally. Three federation of labor unions and citizens groups also discussed about Japan's labor issues and threw criticism at one another. At the closing ceremony, Anti-Poverty Network representative and lawyer, Kenji Utsunomiya, said:"I agreed with the opinion that the success of Tent City came about from cooperation between labor unions and citizens groups. We must create a society where people can work in a decent manner by strengthening relationship between the unions and citizenry groups."


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