Saturday, April 11, 2009

They Couldn't Fire Nezu! --Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Reprimands 12 Teachers

On March 31, the Tokyo education board issued an order against the teachers who refused to stand up for Kimigayo national anthem. Shortly after 3 p.m., Kimiko Nezu came out of a building with a document in hand (see photo). She was full of smiles. The moment she made a circle with her hands, a group of supporters waiting outside screamed in joy. On March 26, when they received the "worst ever"verdict for Nakanishi, everyone expected that Nezu would be stripped of their teaching licenses. But on the day, total of 12 teachers received the order: Nezu and Junko Kawarai received suspencion orders of six months, and Atsuko Watanabe received an order of three months. This was the third time Nezu was ordered to stay away from teaching for six months, but she barely escaped heavier reprimand after getting several suspencion orders. "I was able to escape it because many people supported me," Nezu said at a press conference, while Ms. Kawarai said: "Even then, the reprimand is a serious one. But we will not give up." (By M. See video on UnionTube)

 3月31日、都教職員研修センターで「君が代不起立」の処分発令があった。午後3時すぎ、根津公子さんが発令書を手に建物から出てきた(写真)。満面の笑み、手で丸をつくっている。その瞬間、支援者から歓声が上がった。26日の「最低最悪」の中西判決を受け、誰もが「免職処分」を予測していたからだ。この日処分された教員は12名で、根津さんと河原井純子さんは「停職6月」、渡辺厚子さんが「停職3月」だった。根津さんは3度目の「停職6月」だが、転勤もなく「累積加重処分」をぎりぎりで食い止めた。「大勢の人が一緒にたたかってくれたから」と根津さん、河原井さんは「それにしても重い処分。でもあきらめない」と記者会見で語った。(M) ・動画(UnionTube)

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