Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Overcome "Distrust in and Resignation from Activism" -- 2009 Labornet General Meeting

On March 20, 35 people gathered for the Labornet's 2009 general meeting in Tokyo and discussed future direction of the group. Makoto Kawazoe (photo right), one of the group's representative, reported on what you can see from non-regular/anti-poverty movement. "Several tens of thousands of temp workers are being laid off, but only about 2,000 dismisse workers have joined unions. The number is too small. I've met some people who came to our union with 800 yen in hand. When the situation gets this worse, there is a problem before you start talking about problems at work. These people have a strong sense of responsibility and tend to feel pressured, while they are distrusted in and resigned from unions. The issue here is how we can overcome that. Labornet ran a Union Yes! Campaign in 2007, but we need a new scheme that is more inviting and suitable for the younger generation amid worsening economic and labor crisis."


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