Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dram Reproduced! - "Tent for the Jobless -- Six Days that Moved the Country" Published

"Tent for the Jobless -- Six Days that Moved the Country" has been released (Edited by the Tent for the Jobless executive committee, published by the Mainichi Shimbun). I bought it today and already finished reading it. It is a magnificent book. Probably Mr. Satoshi Tokairin, a Mainichi correspondent, probably worked to the limit of his physical power for writing the book. While a number of correspondents contributed articles to this book, Mr. Tokairin's documentary-style reports cover more than half of the entire book, providing very easy-to-understand accounts of the six days of the Tent site. He must have stayed day and night all through the six days on the Tent site, collecting materials and continuing to type on his PC against sleepiness. Perhaps his enthusiasm and his stance toward reporting of the Tent moves us while we read on. Just like other incidents, there may have been the front and back faces, but this book describes the entire drama of the Tent for the Jobless. (Tatsuya Kimura) (See also the "Tent for the Jobless" DVD )


 「派遣村-国を動かした6日間」(年越し派遣村実行委員会編・毎日新聞社)。今日買って、今夜読了した。いい本である。毎日新聞社の東海林智(とうかいりんさとし)記者が体を張っておそらく懸命に書き上げた本であろう。多くの執筆者がいるが、彼が半分以上をドキュメンタリータッチで描いているので、大変分かりやすく読みやすい。この派遣村の始めから終了までの6日間を、派遣村に泊まり込んで眠気に耐えながら取材し、パソコンを打ち続けたのであろう。彼のこの派遣村取材にかける姿勢が、その情熱が現れていて読んでいて熱くなるのだ。おそらくこの派遣村にも表と違う裏の部分があったのだろうが、とりあえずはこの報告書によって、あの「年越派遣村」のドラマの全てが分かる仕組みになっている。(木村達也) ・派遣村DVD(10分)

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