Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Was Fired for Accepting Interview from Media!--Hankyu Travel Support Busts Union

Takuji Shiota (Photo; Temporary tour guide), who served as a president of Hankyu Travel Support branch union, was targeted by the company for union busting after he responded to an interview by a weekly magazine, "Shukan Kinyobi." The company claimed that Shiota's reports on the workplace were based on fallacy and they defamed the company's reputations as well as disturbing business operations. Shiota suddenly on March 18 was told he would not receive any more work as signments from the company.The head union, National Union of General Workers TokyoTobu, and the magazine held a press conference at Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and appealed to the public that the company was acting unfairnly. The magazine publisher, Makoto Sataka, expressed anger by saying, "This interfers with freedom of expression respected in journalism. We'll stand up against this challenge." The union interprets it as "an act against unionism and anti-poverty movement as a whole," and plans to take it up as a social issue and brings the fight against the conference (union tube) the related blog


 「週刊金曜日」の取材に応じて、職場の実態などを話したら、会社から「虚偽・名誉毀損・業務妨害」とされ、事実上解雇(アサイン停止)される事件が起きた。阪急トラベルサポート社によるこの事件は、東京東部労組の阪急トラベルサポート支部を嫌悪し、委員長の塩田卓嗣さん(写真・派遣添乗員)を狙いうちにしたもの。塩田さんは、3月18日に突然、今後一切仕事をさせないという「アサイン停止」通告を会社から受けた。組合と「週刊金曜日」は26日、厚労省で共同記者会見を行い、その不当性を訴えた。佐高信発行人は「これではジャーナリズムは成り立たない。売られたケンカは買う」と怒りを露わにした。組合は「ユニオン・反貧困運動全体への攻撃」と受け止め、同社を社会的に批判する大運動を展開する予定だ。 記者会見(UnionTube)当該ブログ

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