Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stop Use of Workers as "Disposable Humans"! - Rally against the Worker Dispatch Law Attracts 260 Participants

On April 13, a 260-strong meeting took place at the Bar Association HallCREO, Tokyo, entitled 'Now is the Time for Radical Revision of Worker Dispatch Law' Rally. Participants included labor organizations, citizen groups and individuals that had been involved in the Tent for the Jobless initiatives. The purpose of this meeting was to realize drastic revision of the Worker Dispatch Law, and participants also included representatives of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialist Party, the Japan Communist Party and the People's New Party. Among voices from reality on the ground, a compelling appeal of a youth (see the photo) who had been dismissed due to discontinuation of a worker dispatch contract received great applause of sympathy when he said from his heart, "We get fired with the simple remarks of our team leader like 'That guy isn't good enough. Send in a new worker.'They treat us like disposable items. This form of employment is obviously wrong." The organizers of the rally are planning to stage a rally in the Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall on May 14, determined to exercise all their strength to have the law revised drastically in the current Diet session.


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