Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unionists Rush In to Help Us --- Akira Imai's Photo Exhibition #40

The national center of labor unions of Japan consists of three organizations: Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), Zenroren(National Confederation of Trade Unions), and Zenrokyo (Natinal Trade Union Council). This is the photo used for the poster appealing the 2009 spring laborer offensive by one of them, Zenrokyo. Looking at the poster, one of members of Zentoitsu (Zentoitsu Workers Union) said, "She had a hard time. She jumped down from the second floor and had her leg bone fractured." It was the end of August last year that the Zentoitsu headquarters received a report saying, "Something outrageous is happening in Yamanashi." In the incident, more than a dozen people including the president of a company attacked a company dormitory when occupants were asleep to do violence to six trainees from China in order to force them to return to China. The incident was revealed when two of the six escaped the scene and reported it to the Zentoitsu. Ms. A suffered bone fracture while trying to escape. Ms. A says, "It made us happy that union members rushed to help us out when we were in trouble." (Akira Imai)


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