Saturday, March 9, 2013

Release the 6 detainees! Suppression against no-nuclear movement in Kansai

On 19 February, an action to demand the release of 6 arrested and indicted anti-nuclear activists in the Kansai area was held at the Ministry of Justice and Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. 14 people attended the action, including SHIMOJI Maki who was arrested and released and UGAI Satoshi, Professor at Hitotsubashi University. 5 people met officers at the Ministry of Justice and 11 met officers at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. They listened attentively to the voices calling on the Ministry and the Office to respect human rights. After the action, a press conference was held at the Upper House Diet Members Building with 80 attendants nationwide. UGAI strongly appealed to the public, saying, “The aim of the security police and Zaitoku-kai, a right-wing group that claims to be protesting against privileges enjoyed by permanent residents of Korean decent, is to divide the citizens movement by suppression. They intend to destroy the movement by arresting activists, even if they cannot indict the arrestees. The mastermind of this string of arrests is HASHIMOTO Toru, the mayor of Osaka city.” (Johnny H) 
Photo: SHIMOJI Maki at the Ministry of Justice



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