Sunday, May 26, 2013

700 protest against easier dismissal in front of Tokyo courts

On May 15, 2013, members of many trade unions and labor struggle groups gathered in front of the courts in Tokyo to protest against easier dismissal. The action was organized beyond the difference in policy between the unions and groups with approximately 700 participants. At the meeting, many unlawfully dismissed workers, including those of the JAL (Japan Airlines) Struggle Group, were filled with a sense of crisis and expressed their anger against the Abe administration that promotes easier dismissal of workers and the courts that support the current administration. One demonstrator said, The Abe administration is trying to further destroy the already deteriorated labor market. We want to put such a dismal labor situation into the right track. (M)


5 15日昼の「首切り自由は許さない!裁判所包囲大行動」。東京裁判所前には

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