Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Okinawa protest against the Day of Recovery of Sovereignty, April 28

On April 28, the Japanese government held a ceremony to commemorate the recovery of sovereignty of Japan in 1952. A rally to protest this ceremony was held in Hibiya, Tokyo under the sponsorship of the Kanto block of the Okinawa Anti-War Land Owners Group. The rally was attended by 400 people who heard a report on the present situation in Okinawa from MOTOMURA Norio, a former member of the Okinawa Youth League. He said, “Everyone in Okinawa is against the deployment of Osprey. 100 thousand people rallied and sent a petition to the government, but the government took no notice. Okinawa is nothing but a tool for them. So, we are obliged to exercise our right of self-determination.” Also, YASUTSUGU Tomihiro reported that increasing number of young people in Okinawa are now  concerned about the independence of Okinawa. After the rally, the participants marched to the government building area in Kasumigaseki to protest the discrimination against Okinawa. (OGAWA Kuniko)  

4 28日、午前11時からの政府主催「主権回復・国際社会復帰式典」に抗議し、東京・日比谷では沖縄・一坪反戦地主会関東ブロックが主催して、集会とデモ が行われ、約400名が参加しました。集会では、元沖縄青年同盟の本村さんが沖縄の現状を報告しました。そして「沖縄総体がオスプレイ配備に反対し、10 万人県民集会を行い、建白書を提出したのに政府は一顧だにしない」「沖縄は道具でしかない。ならば、沖縄人は自己決定権を行使するしかない」と訴えまし た。また、安次富浩さんは「沖縄の若者は、琉球独立を考える人が増えつつある」と話しました。集会後、「沖縄を切り捨ててなにが主権回復か!」「沖縄差別 の主権回復の日に抗議するぞ!」と、霞が関、新橋をデモ行進しました。(尾澤邦子) 報告4月28日―京都

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