Sunday, May 26, 2013

ECC Teachers: Your Rights Are At Risk!

This April, ECC management announced major changes to teachers' working conditions.
• New contract renewal guidelines
• Revisions to teachers' work codes.

Alarm bells ring
The General Union is extremely concerned that these changes were made without proper consultation with the parties involved and will be dealing with these issues over the coming months.

Contract Renewal Guidelines and Job Security
Without consulting with either the union or teachers, ECC management unilaterally introduced the following changes to contract renewal guidelines.

・Contracts will be renewed based on the workload as assigned to the Employee at the time of contract expiration.
・Renewal will be determined based on the work performance and demeanor of Employee.
・Renewal will be determined based on the competency of Employee.
・Renewal will be determined based on an assessment of ECC`s business performance.
・Renewal will be determined based on the progression of the work in which the Employee is engaged.

In response to union demands for job security, the company stated, "Teachers are always renewed except in extreme circumstances, thus job security is a non-issue."
So why the new contract renewal guidelines?
We will continue to pursue job security for teachers, and in the next round of collective bargaining will be negotiating for a CLEAR collective agreement over contract renewals.


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