Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ogawa talks about his fight against a workplace “ghetto” on Labornet TV

OGAWA Hideaki, who has been fighting against being confined into a “ghetto” at his workplace at Bungeisha, a publishing company in Tokyo, appeared on Labornet TV on April 25. Here are some of the responses from Twitter. “I was so angry that I couldn’t stop crying when I heard that two bosses used to stand behind Ogawa to watch how he was working. The bosses should be doing their own job if they had time to watch! I can’t understand why the company could be so mean to force the worker into such a mental state.” “It was shocking to know Ogawa’s response when he first met with a labor union. He didn’t know that a worker had a right to say “no” to the company’s orders and to bargain with management. It was quite a surprise to him, like seeing a different world.” (from MATSUMOTO Chie’s Twitter)
Photo: Ogawa at the center and Matsumoto on his right

「文 芸社の“追い出し部屋”で一人孤立させられている小川さん。上司が二人背後に立って仕事ぶりを監視していたときもあったという話を聞いて、怒りで泣けてき た。第一に、そんなヒマがあったら仕事しろよ、と言いたい。人間をそれだけ精神的に追い詰めてしまえる、その精神が理解し難い」「“追い出し部屋”に押し 込まれても一人で闘っている小川さんが、労働組合と出会った時の印象は衝撃的。“これまでとは別世界”と。いち労働者に“肩たたき”を拒否できる権利、会 社の命令に不服従でいることの権利、経営者と交渉する権利があること。これまで知らなかったと。驚きだと言った」(松元ちえのツイッターから)
 写真報告放送アーカイブ(88分/特集は8分から)東京管理職ユニオン文芸社支部HP *写真=425日の「レイバーネットTV」松元ちえさん(左)・小川秀朗さん(中央)

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