Sunday, May 26, 2013

Constitutional revision is bad for us ? LaborNet TV

The revision of the Japanese Constitution that Prime Minister Abe aims at is to keep workers and citizens from being resistant for war efforts.
This is a comment of YAMAGUCHI Masanori, a journalist, and NIHEI Hisakatsu, the former chairperson of the Joint Struggle Congress against the Unlawful Dismissal of Former National Railways Workers, in the LaborNet TV program on May 9, 2013. According to them, there are three points in Abes policies, which are (1) Denial of the right to organize of public servants, (2) Suppression of freedom of expression, and (3) Change of war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution for the worse and the denial of pacifism. Yamaguchi pointed out, LaborNet TV will be repressed once identified as being contrary to the public interest. Also, it will be impossible to hold the anti-nuke demonstration currently held in front of the Prime Ministers Office.
The two commentators stressed that the media are even supporting the wrong direction of the administration. They called for a wide-range bipartisan movement against the revision of the Constitution. In addition, two schoolteachers who are resisting the coercion of the controversial Kimigayo national anthem of Japan also talked about the current dangerous situation in the program. After the program, some viewers said, Todays discussion made us recognize how bad the revision of the Constitution will be. We have to do something. (M)



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