Friday, June 27, 2014

Losses for both flight attendants and pilots: appeal court affirms unfair dismissals by Japan Airlines

Tokyo High Court handed down rulings on June 3 and 5 on appeals filed by Japan Airlines' flight attendants and pilots who were unfairly dismissed in 2010. The lower court's decisions that affirmed the dismissal of 165 workers were upheld. Several hundred supporters gathered in front of the court house on June 3 to hear the ruling for 71 flight attendants. Many of them could not help sighing in disappointment as the sign of “unfair ruling” was displayed, but they soon started chanting to show their anger.  “There's no justice in this country!? I have no words to express the indignation I now feel. The ruling seems to have given unconditional support to the logic of business and ignored the rights of workers who actually sustain the society. With courts like this, there is no future for workers in Japan,” said one of the plaintiffs bitterly. YAMAGUCHI Hiroya, the leader of the pilots group, denounced the ruling by saying that Tokyo High Court had reduced itself to a machinery to implement the policy of the current administration to make Japan 'the country that provides the most favorable environment for businesses.' UCHIDA Taeko, the leader of the flight attendants group told supporters that they would bring the case to the supreme court and asked for continued support. The ruling for the pilots was given in the afternoon of June 5, the day when a number of morning flights of the airline happened to be canceled due to computer system troubles. Lawyer IMAMURA Kojiro said that the judges had provably made the decision in the beginning. “In the hearings, we verified in details that the dismissal was unnecessary for the reconstruction of the company, but the ruling addressed none of the points we argued in the court,” he said.  Uchida commented on the ruling for the pilots with an outrage. “The management placed priority on profits and viewed safety as unimportant. This resulted in the dismissal of many highly experienced pilots and cabin crew and eventually threatens the safety of the flights at present. Today's ruling by the high court that affirms the shameful  policy will only exacerbate the present situation. We will never forgive the two presiding judges.”  (By M)

 司法は死んでしまったのか!~JAL不当解雇争議 控訴審判決も「解雇容認」

「司 法は死んでしま ったのか。言葉で言い表せない憤り。企業側の論理だけを認め、社会を支える働くものを考慮しないのか。このままでは日本は暗黒社会になる」、原告の客室乗 務員の女性は厳しい口調で語った。6月3日、JAL客室乗務員71名の整理解雇を争う控訴審裁判で、東京高裁は地裁判決を維持する「解雇有効」の判決を下 し た。「不当判決」の旗出しに、数百名の支援者からため息が漏れた。そしてそれはすぐに怒りのシュプレヒコールに変わった。山口乗員原告団団長はマイクを握 り、「東京高裁は安倍内閣の“世界で一番企業が活動しやすい国”にする実行部隊に成り下がった」と声を張り上げた。内田客室乗務員原告団長は「最高 裁に上告してたたかい続ける。引き続き支援を」ときっぱり語った。(M)
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 「日航の安全無視に加担した東京高裁」~JAL整理解雇 パイロットも不当判決

6 月5日朝か ら、システム障害発生し欠航が相次ぐ日本航空。そんななか午後1時半から東京高裁第24民事部(三輪和雄裁判長)で、165人のJAL整理解雇事件・パイ ロットの控訴審判決があった。内容は、2日前の客室乗務員と同じく「控訴棄却」の不当判決だった。今村幸次郎弁護士は「解雇が必要なかったことを詳細に立 証し たが、それについて一言もアンサーがなかった」と結論ありき判決を批判した。客室乗務員原告団長の内田妙子さんは「いま日航の安全運航が脅かされている。 これは日航の利益追求・安全軽視。ベテランをどんどん切っていった結果だ。高裁判決は、そんなJALのやり方に加担し、さらに進めるものだ。大竹たか し、三輪和雄の二人の裁判長は許せない!」と体を震わせて訴えた。(M)  
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